Thursday, April 11, 2013

Andersons' Prayer Letter for March/April 2013

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                    March 2013
Our commemoration of resurrection morning (Easter) is this weekend.  Christ’s victory over death and the grave is the guarantee of our own future resurrection.  It is also God’s “APPROVED/ACCEPTED” stamp on the Lord’s redemptive work on the cross, along with God’s “VALID” stamp on every promise in His precious Word.  May the wonder of the empty tomb never escape us!
This letter is later than it should be—you may have noticed.  Several weeks ago, I went to the main file of our prayer partners’ email lists to edit something … and the file was empty!  No “note of explanation” was left, of course!  L   So, I have been trying to rebuild our email list from several partial sources.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
Please pray that the Lord will give each one of us a growing passion for the souls of men, who so desperately need Christ.  They must hear the Word (Romans 10:17) from the lips of a believer (or through the written Word).  May God grant to us all the boldness to set aside our gripping hesitation and fear of reprisal—living “soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world” (Titus 2:12) and proclaiming the saving Gospel at every opportunity.
I was privileged to teach the Introduction to Missions class to thirty-four freshmen and two upperclassmen at Baptist College of Ministry in Wisconsin during January.  We had a serious, yet delightful time for the thirty hours of class.  Please pray for these young people … asking the Lord to soon thrust many of them to the fields of the world as church planters!
We ask for your prayers, that God would direct us to those fields where we can go as furlough replacement church planters, bearing “fruit that remains,” and thereby, be a great blessing to the missionary family we are privileged to serve.  God is opening a door for us to possibly serve in South Africa later this year and into 2014.
Thank you for praying for our children and their children.  We praise the Lord for our five grandchildren!  Kyle is now 13 and has grown “seems like” a foot in the last year!  Kathryn is 12 and still a reading machine.  Wyatt is now 6, and trusted Christ as his Savior in February—PTL!  Andrew turned 3 in January and talks nonstop J, and baby Owen was born to Scott and Sarah in February (see photo J)!  God has provided a buyer for the house Glenn and Becky have had for sale in Louisiana!
We rejoice in your laboring with us through your prayers and support!
He is RISEN indeed!
Debtors to His grace,
Steve and Martha Anderson

A ministry of Faith Baptist Church, 7306 E. Atherton Road, Davison, MI  48423
Mission Board:  Baptist World Mission, PO Box 2149, Decatur, AL  35602

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anderson's June 2009 Prayer Letter

June 2009

Let me begin by apologizing for the delay in sending this prayer letter. We are seriously past due and very sorry for the long period with no update. The Lord is faithful, and He continues to bless despite our frailties–for His glory. We would like to use this letter to highlight a couple of critical prayer requests in our lives and ministry, knowing you will take these matters before the throne of God as you so faithfully intercede on our behalf.

The first matter concerns our current support level. Since this time last year, we have lost approximately $650 in monthly support. Seventeen of our twenty-two supporting churches (revised number) are in southeast Michigan. Though the economic situation nationwide is taking a “hit” from its past levels, the Midwest region is even more affected. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Please understand that this is in no way a “woe is me” statement. God has never failed to meet our needs (Ps. 37:25), and we praise His name for His gracious provision. Just this past week we learned of a car being given to us, replacing the one that was totaled in February! Praise the Lord for His goodness! The difficulty relates to our ability to maintain a house in Alabama (near the BWM home office), while continuing to do furlough replacement. As you know, we attempt to offset (as much as possible) the housing-related expenses on each field when we are covering for a missionary (rent, utilities, phone, etc.). Because of our current support level, we are finding that doing this while maintaining our own house is, in most cases, impossible. We are seriously considering selling the house in Alabama. The Lord alone knows where we would then live whenever stateside, and . . . He is more than able! We are asking for His wisdom, timing, and direction. Please pray! We are also setting up meetings in an effort to raise additional support.

Steve’s mother (83) is facing some significant health challenges. We all desire to see God continually glorified in her life, as well as arranging appropriate 24/7 care for her and for our brother Dave. We need God’s guidance and timing for these major decisions, and we thank you so much for praying about this.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our son-in-law Glenn, who was deployed in January to Central Asia and will be returning later this summer. We are all eager for his safe return, especially Becky and their two children. Glenn’s vehicle has been a tremendous blessing to use during the time since ours was totaled.

We have planned a trip to West Africa in August and September of this year to visit our missionaries in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and DR Congo. May we be a help and blessing to these choice servants!

Debtors to His grace,

Steve and Martha Anderson

Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Example of the Fruitfulness of Africa!!

Amanavil, Cameroon Update by Susan Yeiter

Here is an excerpt of a letter from Matt and Susan Yeiter who serve in northern Cameroon. Your soul will be thrilled as you read of this "fruit white unto harvest" on the African continent!!

Steve Anderson

We are writing to let you know that we are alive and well and back from a WONDERFUL time in Amanavil. WOW! To put our experience into words is hard. We flew out around 1:30, arriving on the airstrip about 2 p.m. It was an hour hike from the strip to the village center. Tom couldn't accompany us, so we just hiked with some children who were carrying our mattress and bags. I had Trinity bound on my back, and Matt was overseeing DJ. The girls were running along with the children. We had to cross three streams/rivers. In all three instances, we had to leap from rock to rock to keep from getting wet. You can imagine how that turned out for the kids! :) We met people all along the way. They greeted us saying, “Thank you, thank you for coming, welcome.” The trail was up and down through tall bush grass/jungle-like area, then out into sun-scorched dry areas. It was a beautiful hike though; we climbed little hills and descended into valleys. Finally, over one last stream, up a steep, rocky incline, and there we were. Before us lay a clearing surrounded by about five block buildings with dry grass roofs. As we came into the village, people surrounded us on all sides—hundreds of men, women, and children—touching the children, touching their hair, greeting us, taking Trinity, shouting “welcome, welcome.” Our children are the first white children they have ever seen. Autumn, DJ, and Trinity did very well; Mariah hid in my skirt, but hey, that's Mariah. Then Trinity saw her favorite person from church, TomMike a believer from Faith Baptist in Bamenda. He had joined the team going out, so she was thrilled. I couldn't believe that in a sea of faces she would pick him out, but she did. Finally everyone calmed down, we got some water and relaxed for a few minutes. Then we jumped right in. I was immediately teaching a story with my flash cards about Heaven, as about 75 people gathered around to see the pictures. A local man translated the story into the local dialect. When I finished my story, Godlove, from the Bible institute came up and began to preach. About ten people made a profession for Christ right then. WOW!

Matt and another man went and cut machete sticks to use for poles on our tent (the poles for our tent never made it out), so Matt spent a lot of time with the local men setting up the tent, talking with them, and getting to know them. That night as the sun was setting, we brought out the projector and showed the film, "The Printing." While the villagers were watching the film, the team ate supper in the dark, and then shared and prayed together. Each day was this way—teaching songs and telling stories. Crowds would gather every time those flash cards came out. They loved seeing the pictures. On Thursday I spent the morning weighing patients, taking their blood pressure, and passing out LOTS of candy to the kids. Then we hiked up river for our baths. I put bathing suits on the kids, and they swam around in the river. I just got in with my clothes on (since I wasn’t really sure who was around), got the kids washed, and spent some time relaxing before hiking back to camp. We had another film last night and more stories this morning. I was able to lead a lady to Christ yesterday; it was so exciting. However it is frustrating to have so many people making decisions for Christ, and this village is so far from a good church or a good preacher. Even Felix, a national pastor in the Akwoya region, is an 8-hour hike away. He really has a vision for this area. I’m going to burn a CD of an interview with Felix. He has a great plan; he just needs help, so we are praying toward that end.

The kids did great; they LOVED it and made so many friends. They ran all over the village with them. DJ entertained everyone yesterday for about 30 minutes, while he chased a chicken over and around and under the entire village center. He had everyone laughing; he was so intent on getting that chicken! As we hiked out of the village, it was very emotional for us. I don’t know if we will ever see these people again, but they will remain in our prayers and in our hearts. Our lives have been impacted in just a few days. These villages are all over this region; a two or three-day trek from a ROAD—not from a city, from a ROAD! Most of the people we met had NEVER been out to a road. INCREDIBLE! They are living their lives to plant food, harvest it, eat it—just to live to plant it again. That’s it. They aren't making money; they survive to plant and eat, to plant again and that is all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Praise the Lord for Working Airbags!!!

On February 2nd, the Lord showed once again how gracious He is in protecting our lives. I was bringing home a softdrink, and after negotiating the corner which turns onto our road, I noticed that some of the cup's contents had spilled onto the passenger seat. I grabbed some paper toweling that I had on that seat and swiped it acrossed the spill. When I looked back at the "road" I realized that I had, in fact, left the road just a split second earlier. I was about 10 feet from a telephone pole! I had NO time for a reaction - no bracing of the arms, no braking, nothing but a extremely brief cry out to God. Immediately on contact, the airbags both deployed and I was sitting in a smoke-filled car a bit stunned! I sensed that I had not been seriously injured, so I got out and stood in the rain to call 911. As you can see in the photos, the pole now stood about 5 feet West of where it had been! You can see the hole behind the front tire where the pole had been previously, with a four-foot section of the pole under the car, and the pole itself - now resting on a driveway. Why did not the pole fall down onto the car? More angelic activity, I suspect! The officer and I estimated that I had probably gotten up to about 30 MPH before the contact. Thanks for praying for your missionaries! Please continue to pray . . . as we must now find another trustworthy car. I sure did love that one. The Lord knows!

Prayer Update - January 2009

Andersons’ Friendly Reminders for Interceding Colaborers Abroad January 2009

Another New Year has dawned, and what a year it promises to be! The new administration has promised change, and many changes are certain to be forthcoming. “Oh Lord, bring revival to our land, and begin that work with your own people! Then, use your Holy Spirit and the precious Word, through the faithful witness of your people, to bring many to Christ in these days! Father, may this be the year when our Savior returns to catch His bride away.” And when He comes, friends, may He find us faithfully serving . . . for His glory!

The first of December Steve drove up to Laval, Quebec. Laval is an island just to the northwest of the island-city of Montreal. Baptist World Mission has two families serving in Laval—the Paul Pelletiers and the Steve Faucettes. Steve and Brenda have worked in an English language church plant on the south of the island since 2003 (after church planting in Nova Scotia for 17 years), and Paul and Kim started the Eglise Baptiste Centrale de Laval in 1994. Steve had the privilege of covering for Paul at EBCL for approximately five weeks. The folks there were very gracious, and serving with them was a real joy. The church averages about 70 in attendance and is a stong work—particularly by Quebec standards. This coverage was occasioned by Paul’s diagnosis of cancer in April of 2008 and the rest he needed following his rounds of chemo (2), radiation treatments (33), and surgeries (3)! We rejoice with the Pelletiers that Paul was informed by the doctors during Christmas week that he is apparently cancer free now! God is so good.

In the middle of Steve’s time in Quebec, he flew to Shreveport, Louisiana, to join the family for Christmas week. We had involvement in two different minstries to the homeless in the area (preparing and serving food) and had the unique joy of caroling in a veterans’ facility on Christmas Day! Our son-in-law Glenn was deployed on January 10 and will be overseas in Central Asia for not less than six months. We appreciate so much your prayers for him, and for Becky and the children in his absence.

We appreciate your prayers, too, that God’s will be done in our consideration of three different furlough-replacement opportunities during 2009-10. They are for ministries in South Africa, Ivory Coast, and New Zealand. We also hope to make a trip to West Africa in the middle of this year to visit our missionaries in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and DR Congo.

Your faithful prayers mean so much to us and are being answered by the Lord. We want to assure you of our prayers for you as well—especially that God would greatly bless and use you all during 2009.

Debtors to His grace,
Steve and Martha Anderson